FIXTURE CHANGE – the Wasps match away to Conservatives on Saturday 28th April has been changed to a 10:30am start. Please notify Mally Stirling if you have indicated that you were available, but are now unable to play.

GAMES NIGHT – what a pity the bowling season has started (just joking). But what a brilliant night we had. Sorry, but there will be no more games nights until the season ends. Thank you to everyone who has supported these nights, we’ll have to do it again in September.

OPENING OF THE GREEN – was well attended & enjoyed by all. It was nice to see Les Overton taking part for a change, instead of being locked in the visitors cabin, working out the results.

SCORE PREDICTOR COMPETITION – Newsletter 7 is now available, please click HERE

COACHING – the club now has two licensed level 1 coaches. We can offer FREE coaching to anyone wishing to try their hand at bowling. Click HERE for more details.

AVAILABILITY SHEETS – for all of the league matches are now in the clubhouse. Please let the team selectors know when you are available to play, or more importantly – when you are not available to play.

NEW – 2018 FIXTURE LIST – there are only two dates that are not known at the moment, these will be advertised on our website & on the clubhouse notice boards when they are known. This season’s fixture list can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

2018 SUBSCRIPTIONSat the Annual General Meeting, it was decided that there would be no increase in subscriptions for the 2018 season. Subscriptions remain at £45.00 per bowling member, with a £2.00 discount for early payment, if paid before April 1st.

Brian Wheatman has asked if all membership renewals could be paid in cash please, as the club has to pay bank charges on cheques that are deposited into our account. For those who wish to pay be cheque, please leave the top line blank (where you would write BILLINGHAM SYNTHONIA BOWLING CLUB).

REQUEST FOR FLOWERS / BULBS – as we are re-siting the entrance to the bowling green, we are removing the weeds and rubbish from the large brick planter near to the new entrance gate, to make a pleasant, welcoming entrance to the club. As it is quite a large space to plant out, if any of our members have a few spare plants or bulbs that they would like to donate, they would all be gratefully received. Please contact Brian or Debbie on 01642 658990 (please leave a message if we are not in & we will call you back as soon as possible).

F.A. CUP SWEEPSTAKE – the last non-league team to be knocked out of this season’s competition were HEREFORD. If you selected the envelope with this team inside it, please contact us to claim your £5 prize.